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This web site has been developed to provide information about the management of back pain and other spinal conditions as well as information about the services provided by the Adelaide Spine Clinic.

An outline of what can be found on each page is indicated below.  

Patient Information:

Questions & Answers

The answers to commonly asked questions are provided.

Your Back

The anatomy of the spine is discussed with a brief explanation of the origin of pain 

Essential Exercises

A description of simple exercise to help back pain

Epidural Injection

Information abut the indications for, and risks of this procedure


Explanation of the indications for and technique of discography

Spinal Surgery

Description of the type of surgery used to treat certain conditions, what to expect in hospital and in the recovery period after surgery

Spinal Canal Stenosis


Spinal Fusion

Risks of Surgery


Return to Activity

Research & Fees

Patient History Form

Patient Outcome Form

Donating Blood

Spinal Deformity

Information about spinal deformity, its treatment and the indication for surgical intervention

New Developments

Information about new techniques under evaluation

Related Services:

Other health care providers that may be involved in the assessment and management of spinal complaints 

External Links

Links to other related institutions


Dr Christopher M. J. Cain

Prof. Robert D. Fraser

Dr David J. Hall

Dr George R. Potter


Spinal Fellowships:

AO Fellowships

Spinal Fellowships

Information about the clinical and research fellowships available, the clinical responsibilities and timetable

Past Spinal Fellows

Past AO Fellows



Send mail to spine@adelaide.on.net  with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: July 01, 2005