Prof Nigel Jones

Posted 10th of December, 2016 by by Professor Nigel Jones

Now that our two new neurosurgeons (Dr Simon Sandler and Dr Catherine Cartwright) have settled in to Adelaide Spine and Brain, Prof Jones has decided that from January 2017 he will have an office-based practice and will no longer treat inpatients. He will continue to see patients for diagnosis and advice and all conservative treatment. If inpatient procedures are required this can be conveniently and promptly arranged through the other four surgeons co-located at Adelaide Spine and Brain.

Professor Jones now sees uninsured patients and can provide an opinion and outpatient treatment. If inpatient treatment is needed this will require referral to a public hospital outpatients. A letter will be provided to the referring GP to include with their referral.

Workcover patients can be seen for assessment and opinion through the GPS2 service only. Referral information is available at or by calling 1800 477 246.